Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden Day on Moonday 10/17

Reggie says we will have a work day on Monday, in conjunction with the picking (9am).  We will pick the peppers more heavily than we have been, picking the larger green peppers as well as the red.  The main work that needs doing is to pull out the rest of the tomato cages, put all the rebar that is holding the cages up under the shed, clean and pile the cages.  All tomato plant remains should be removed from the patch and piled.  There is already one pile at the far end of the patch.  The garden should be scanned for rock we piled at the ends of rows, so it won't get tilled in again, milk jugs with bags in them and any other items that shouldn't get tilled in.  If anyone wants to save seed from zinnias or cosmos or elephant head amaranth, now is the time as they will get mowed and tilled very soon, if not Monday.  Also pick any flowers you want, or green tomatoes.  See you Monday. 


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